DogWatch has been making Hidden Dog Fence Systems since 1990. We also manufacture Indoor Pet Fences and Training Products. It’s what we do – It’s ALL we do! We take pride in doing it well. Our commitment to product quality and customer service is uncompromising.

DogWatch is a privately held company dedicated to honesty, integrity & service. All DogWatch products are designed, assembled & tested at our corporate facility in Massachusetts – our base of operations for the past 25 years.

What is a hidden dog fence?

DogWatch hidden dog fences use a radio signal transmitted through an underground boundary wire. Your dog (or cat) wears a special collar with a receiver that detects the radio signal and alerts your pet when he gets too close to the underground fence. Your pet is trained to retreat from the hidden fence at the sound of the alert. The receiver is also available with a vibration alert for hearing impaired pets. Using an electronic pet fence is easy and safe.

Hidden fences are sometimes referred to as underground dog fence or underground fencing, radio pet fence, wireless pet fence or “invisible fence.”

What a hidden dog fence is not.

The DogWatch pet containment system is not an electric dog fence! The buried wire is not electrified. DogWatch and other “invisible” underground pet fence systems are a form of electronic dog fence which use a radio signal. The dog wears a special collar that detects the radio signal. Hidden and invisible pet fences should not be mistakenly referred to as ‘electric fences’ or ‘electric dog fences’. They are radio fences, not electric fences.

The Dog Guy Pet Containment Story

The Dog Guy Pet Containment has been surrounding pets with freedom since 1993 with a mission to provide pet owners with a superior pet containment system.

We were founded in Bridgewater, CT and have been serving the surrounding areas for over 20 years. The Dog Guy Pet Containment has been installing and maintaining pet containment systems since 1993, and have successfully contained more than 5,000 pets during this time.

We work with many veterinarians and rescue organizations in Fairfield, New Haven and Litchfield counties, and there's a good chance that your veterinarian has a DogWatch system at their home. These groups trust their clients with our services.

Our employees are safe and courteous to you and your pets, and we are fully insured to protect you and your property during the installation process.

We are honest, hard working people, and strive to provide each customer with the best service and the best value possible. In addition, we provide interest-free payment plans for our customers who prefer that form of payment.

When you purchase a DogWatch product, you get peace of mind along with the full support of The Dog Guy Pet Containment family. We provide prompt service and are always there when you need us, because service is very important to us. You want your pet to have the best, and so do we!

Hello my name is Mike Gonzales and I am the owner of The Dog Guy Pet Containment Company authorized dealer of the award winning DogWatch product. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be in a position of work that makes a difference in the lives of pets and their owners for the better. I not only work with my customers and their pets, but they are also very dear to me. I am very supportive of them and work hard to earn the A+ Rating from the BBB 12 years in a row. Our motto is that we are always there when you need us and it’s always been about your pet first!