Recommended by Pet Professionals

Veterinarians, pet professionals and pet trainers all over the world own and recommend DogWatch® Hidden Fences. Whatever your pet containment needs are, a DogWatch Hidden Fence is the best way to give your pet the freedom it deserves while keeping it safe.

Read the testimonials below to find out why veterinarians and other pet professionals recommend DogWatch Hidden Fences by The DogGuy Pet Containment Company.

Aspetuck Animal Hospital

The DogGuy pet containment Co. with the DogWatch product is a great combination. We have had it installed for over 16 years and recommend it to our clients as well

Aspetuck Animal Hospital

Dr. Mike Gora

Dr. Paul Elwell & Dr. Mark Carlson

The DogGuy Pet Containment Co. and Mike and his stuff were professional. They trained our dog to the fence and it has worked ever since I recommend them to everyone.

Dr. Paul Elwell & Dr. Mark Carlson

Candlewood Animal Hospital

We have had the DogWatch product installed for over 10 years. Love it. Mike (The DogGuy) and his company were great on time, and I recommend them to my clients.

Candlewood Animal Hospital

Dr. Ray Maizel

We are thankful everyday for friends like you who care about the animals in our community. Thank you for helping us start the new year off right with your generous holiday gift. And the animals thank you, too!

Kim Coleman

The Animal Care Center, Newtown, CT

I personally and professionally believe in DogWatch pet containment systems because they save pets' lives. As a veterinarian, there is nothing worse for me than not being able to save a client's pet after it has been hit by a car. DogWatch offers superior technology — the newest in the industry, and at a reasonable price. Just as importantly, I receive prompt and excellent service from Bob and Lynne Leed at Dogwatch of Susquehanna Valley.

Dr. Michelle Haroules,DVM

Neffsville Veterinary Clinic, PA

My clients and I both know how wonderful a DogWatch pet fence system has been for ourselves and our pets. But what has been truly satisfying is the professionalism of the DogWatch representatives. They have been prompt in answering any of our questions or concerns regarding the pet fence system and have presented a very caring attitude. The customer service and peace of mind have far exceeded my expectations.

Dr. Michelle Haroules,DVM

Palmer Animal Clinic, Palmer, MA

Your continued compassion and concern are helping to alleviate pain, fear and suffering in thousands upon thousands of animals' lives. So please accept my sincerest respect and admiration for your recent gift.

All that the ASPCA is able to accomplish is directly attributed to your continued generous support.

Giving animals, abused and homeless, a second chance at life only begins to describe the good deeds your support makes possible.

Todd Hendricks

VP, Development of ASPCA

If you are looking to install a dog fence I would highly recommend Mike The DogGuy along with the DogWatch Hidden Fence Product. All of my dogs (both my own and my foster dogs) have learned the fence with the training he provides and his company offers unlimited training means, I do not have to pay for any training for my pets no matter how many pets I have. It is peace of mind knowing they are safe and happy at home and away from traffic. Mikes slogan is if you ever need him, he is always there for you. If you are thinking about a hidden fence don’t think twice. Get the dogwatch brand fence and have the DogGuy pet containment company install it for you.

Ruthann S.

Oxford, CT