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Mike installed our system in 2007 and we have had great success in training our rescue dogs to keep to their yard. The system is truly a godsend. Our latest rescue pup is hound of some sort and learned the system easily. Mike is there to help and has provided parts and service when needed. Highly recommend!
Sandy Hook, CT
Submitted On: March 3, 2021




Mike installed our system in 2003, and trained 2 dogs at our house. He is the best, the dogs love him, they were trained in one day, and now my current dog is 11 and never tries to leave the yard!  He also came over to fix a broken wire in our yard, and is always available to help.
Thanks, Mike!
We appreciate you every day!
Joan Charash



Dixie had been without her collar (Mom lost it!) for a while. Once it was replaced it she needed some adjustments and I needed help from Mike. Mike’s responsiveness to me and to Dixie was so helpful. She’s now retrained and I can breathe a sigh of relief! Thank you Mike, you’re terrific!
Janice C.


I am a friend of Demie's and a very happy Dog Guy  customer. Several years ago, Mike Gonzales installed our fence system and quickly trained our dog. Several weeks ago, a wire was evidently cut by the weed whacker so the system was not working. Another one of your representatives came to fix it (along with another man) They spent a short while at our home but a week or so after that, the system failed again. (no weed whacking occurrences in between)

Last week, Mike Gonzales returned and spent quite a while checking things out finding several wires along the property line. (don't know if that is relevant but it was strange) Everything is working fine now.

I want to let you know how thrilled I am with Mike's work and professionalism. He has a wonderful personality and represents your company well. AND, I thank you for "comping" us the fee; he was at our home for quite a while.

It is such a pleasure to do business with The Dog Guy. My dog, Blaze, and I thank you.

-Evan Levinson;
Westport, CT

Mike is absolutely fantastic. He installed an Transparent fence for our family dogs about 15 years ago, so when I adopted a puppy of my own as an adult, I made sure to give him a call. You can really tell that he loves animals, and he loved being around my pup. He gave me a very affordable quote and was able to install it within a week. He gave me extremely detailed training notes for my dog, and it only took her a few days to understand where she could and couldn't go. She loves being able to roam free outside, and it's nice to now know that I don't have to worry about her wandering away when she's outside and I can leave her unattended for a little bit. I think what sets Mike apart from other companies who provided me quotes is that he legitimately cares about the animals, and it's quite clear how much he enjoys what he does. Other companies looked at me solely as a sale, not even bothering to pet my dog or constantly calling me offering me "specials" to try and win the business. Mike was sitting on the ground hugging my dog and really enjoying it. The installation process was so easy as well. He was done in less than 2 hours, and I thought it would be a half-day event. I can't recommend Mike enough, and will be referring him to anyone I know who is looking for an Transparent fence.

-Ryan L;
Danbury, CT

I'd like to thank you for installing my Underground Fence System. I feel compelled to write this letter as your service was exemplary. The care and detail into my Installation and training of my dog Kodi was a priority for you as if it was your own dog.

It is without hesitation, I will recommend you, The  Dog Guy Pet Containment Company to my friends as can assure anyone who hires you will be completely satisfied with your work. Your flexibility to work around my work schedule and ability to work with Kodi who can be difficult was greatly appreciated. It is apparent your commitment and love for the job is evident .

-Jill E. Fontanella

Mike, we love the inside system that you installed for us. While we're away at work, we know that the dogs won't get into rooms that they shouldn't. It didn't take long to train them after you showed us how.

Bill - Wilton, CT
Mike is great! I have had the system for years and whenever I need batteries for the collar, I know that I can get them right away.

Mary - Litchfield, CT



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