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Do you have an existing underground dog fence?


Trade-In Your Transparent Fence or other professionally installed system



Have you heard about the benefits and features of our system? Do you wish you could upgrade to a better system? Wish no more. At The Dog Guy, we make it easy for you to get the very best.


If you are ready to switch, we make it easy for you. In most situations, we can use your existing buried wire so the installation is quick and easy. We just swap out the equipment (both the transmitter and the receiver collar) and adjust the settings so they are appropriate for your pet(s). We will determine if your pet needs any refresher training and well provide that, too, if needed. And because we appreciate your business, well even discount the cost of the equipment!


Our Competitive Trade-In Plan is available for all underground fence systems. Give us a call to learn more.

We Service all brands! Contact Us to Learn More.






The Dog Guy Pet Containment Company
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First Responders, Police, & Fireman.
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